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We’ve all met this person: all they can talk about is their professional life. How busy they are at work. Their latest promotion (or their quest to get one). Their job title. All of us know someone who is defined by their job. Sometimes, this person is a lot closer than we think.

It’s us. Does your job define who you are?

It’s quite easy to get caught up in the career trek; we do spend the majority of our waking hours working. And when we’re not working, we’re thinking about work. Stressing about work. Wondering if a work project will get approved. Hoping our boss doesn’t give us a bad performance review. Wishing our work paid us more but too afraid to go out there and ask for it.

The thing about letting your job be your definition is this: the money you make from it now dictates your life. You must start to unplug from a job you don’t want – yet defines you – and begin to search for a job that will nourish your authentic self.

That nourishment will be a tough thing to digest in the beginning. We all know change is hard, especially when you see the effects of that change can sometimes start out as negative. But in order to make that jump, you have to commit to adjusting more than just one area of your life. True development happens when you know the logic behind the deviation. Find your compelling reason to change, and shift to a job that aligns more with who you really are.

Action step
So how do we get from point A to point B? First, you must have a serious time of reflection focusing on what you truly want. What is your new job? You must determine what that job looks like, feels like and sounds like. You also must consider how you want your day to play out. Is sitting behind a desk working in a stable environment with bouts of creativity here and there your dream? Seek that out. Or do you want to have a more entrepreneurial role in a company (maybe your own company) that allows you to work more organically throughout your week?

What it comes down to is your priorities and choices; your job must fit into the life you envision for yourself. What you do for a living isn’t everything. Your job is a part of the bigger picture. It can either be a way to further express your creativity, your passion or your life’s work. On the other hand, it could be a way to fund the other things in your life that are more meaningful to you than work. Whatever your choose, know that your job title doesn’t define who you are at your core. You are defined by who you are and not what you do for a living.

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