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Don’t Be Afraid To Charge What Your Worth

It all starts in in our own heads, what you think and feel! Your inner thoughts create your belief system, which in turn can become your reality.

I think it’s important for women entrepreneurs to look at what their competition is charging people won’t hire you if your fees are too low because the perception is that you must not be as good as your competition. My competition charges at least $1,500 for financial planning, but I had difficulty charging $250 when I started out. I have said that women often undercharge because they feel they aren’t good enough or work from inherited beliefs passed down by their parents. Remember that perception is reality and empower yourself to take charge of both!

Here’s another tip…you can’t be all things to all people. Your target market will pay what the marketplace has proved it will pay. .The key is that over time, you should create systems that slightly increase your fees enough to keep the business rolling but also satisfy your emotions behind it all Another suggestion is to use a tiered system, in which you charge different fees for different kinds of clients to leverage what the market will bear.