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Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Wealth

By June 25, 2013Blog, Rich but empty


When your financial reality is one that other people envy, it’s hard to find fault in your actions. You’ve worked hard to create financial security for yourself and your family. And you’ve come to place where you’re ready to focus on your true passions. The problem is that you’re not sure where to start. Your entire life has been centered around accumulating wealth that your decision-making process is a bit skewed. That’s why this week, I want to talk about changing the way you think.

So what is at the center of your life? For many of us – rich, poor and everyone in between – it’s money. Our financial lives are the driving forces behind the vast majority of our decisions. For many of us, our self worth is tied up into our money. We feel both exhilarated and important when we fill our closets and homes with brand new luxuries. But then we simultaneously feel guilt about the amount we spent and our lack of self control.

It’s time to start building wealth from the inside out. As I’ve said a few times before, your self worth should not be connected to your net worth – even if it is more than most. If your goal is more financial freedom with your wealth, maybe you’ll want to focus on building enough assets to allow yourself to earn about half of your regular salary from investments to improve your quality of life. Or maybe your goal is building a different type of asset – becoming a business owner or closing up shop to fund a different dream.

Action step

You have the means to create your ideal life, but you’re having trouble figuring out where to start. Work through those emotions. An important step on your journey to happiness and abundance is to define your ideal life from every aspect. How you define it is by recognizing your dreams as well as your emotions behind your money.

Though money is a big factor in decision making, I want you to take time considering what your ideal life looks like regardless of your financial situation. Don’t think about what you’re supposed to be doing but what you want to do. The world around us teaches us that power is achieved through financial gain; but you know that’s not necessarily the case. Devote some time figuring out what fuels you, feeds your soul and empowers your sense of self. Then, devote your money.

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