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Empower Your Money

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blog-imageLet’s talk about priorities. Financially speaking, what you do with your cash directly affects your life in several ways. Of course, your day-to-day expenses and monthly bills come from that well. And then there are the fun things: dinners with friends, weekend get aways, the yoga classes, etc.

When you’ve paid your bills, put some away for savings, and had a little fun, what do you do with the rest of your money? Or, more importantly, do you have any money left? That’s why this week, I want to talk about empowering your cash flows for the things in your life that you’ve been dreaming about.

Your dreams don’t have to just be something that “would be nice to have one day.” No. Dreaming about things you’d love to pursue or are passionate about can actually be a great start to a more financially directed path. And as you start to go after the things you love and attain them, you’ll realize that those dreams can evolve into something that you weren’t expecting when you first set out for them. I should know, because it happened to me.

I’m truly passionate about sailing. In 2012, I decided to sell my sailboat. I know what you’re thinking; why let go of something that I not only worked so hard to get, but also love and am passionate about. Because my priorities changed. I had two toddlers at the time and a third on the way. It was time to spend the time at the beach with my children and not on the boat with the grownups. I decided to become focused on my children.

Did this mean I gave up my dreams? Not really. Nothing is more valuable to me than being a mother. And spending time on the beach with my kids instead of on the sailboat allowed me to live out my dream of being with the people I love the most.

Here’s where my dream of sailing never actually died. I didn’t choose to give it up totally; I chose to give up paying for it monthly. What’s the difference? For Mother’s Day, I received a Groupon to sail all summer long. And guess what? I didn’t have the $2,000 per month boat payment coming out of my cash flow.

Action step
So you’ve decided to make one of your dreams a priority in your life. You’ve set the intention for your cash flow, empowered it to create space and have found yourself in possession of whatever dream you desire. Now what? Ride the wave. Enjoy what you’ve created, but be open to letting your dreams shift.

As humans, we’re constantly evolving. I want to tell you that it’s totally fine to work incredibly hard to make a big dream happen. It’s also okay to get that dream, enjoy it for a bit, and realize that you need a change. Our dreams – our lives – are constantly shifting; this week, I want you to take a look at where your life has taken you since you’ve made your dream come true. Are you still in the same space for that dream, or is it time to move in a different direction and focus on a new and improved dream?

Remember when I shifted my dreams to be more aligned with my life now, I still got to feed my heard while reducing my cash outflow. It’s about looking at your money and your dreams through a different lens. The package may not come how you expect it to roll, but you have to feed your heart while also reducing financial drama.

How To Fund Your Dreams

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I’ve talked a lot about what it means and how it feels to be a dreamer. Sure, there is some negative connotation with constantly having new ideas about what you want. But as I’ve said before, no dream is idle. You are one of the lucky ones. You have both the energy, the openness and the creativity to allow dreams to manifest within you. That’s why I want to discuss the money behind the idea.

As much as money affords opportunity, I believe that you can turn the money you have right now and get started creating your own opportunity. Dreaming and pursuing those dreams shouldn’t be reserved just for the wealthy. You’re not rich? That’s okay. I wasn’t either when I decided to open my own financial business. You just need to be practical and smart with where you invest your time and how you save, spend and invest your money.

Find the root of your dream

Think back to your childhood and teenaged years, and think about the things you did with no prodding from mom and dad. Like the dance classes you couldn’t miss or the instrument you played all through middle school, high school and college. As we get older, we look back on the things we did in the past as child’s play. Maybe, however, they’re more than that. Your dreams now may be rooted in the hobbies you had when you were younger; the key is to look for what used to make you giggle.

Take some time to explore where those big ideas are coming from. I’m not saying to put those ballet toe shoes back on, but there are many ways you can get involved with that industry and be around what you love daily. Be open-minded and follow your pursuits to wherever they may take you, then watch as your personal judgement begin to rise. Let it come up, then release it. This allows you to move forward and not repeat the patterns that have kept you stuck for years.

Seek out as much financially stability as possible — or don’t!

No matter how small and seemingly insignificant, taking a risk is pretty scary. Pursuing your dream – even if it’s as “safe” as can be – can be incredibly intimidating. You know what you want to happen, but you have no idea if chaos will ensue along the way to success. Trust that when you follow your personal intuition, all will fall into perfect alignment.

Being financially stable while making these types of moves is rubbish. Clear up your past, while living in your current reality today and create that dream for your future, simultaneously.

You know the saying “You’re never going to be financially ready to have a child. Just do it and it’ll all work out.” Well, your dreams are the same. If you keep getting ready to have enough savings before you move forward, you’ll never do it. There’s no time like the present.

Automate your bills and other accounts whenever possible

And the best way to make sure your past and present stay in line? Automation. Technology today makes it possible to stay on top of our finances with very little manual upkeep. Spread out all your monthly bills and income – this is a great exercise on its own – and research your payment options. Most banks will allow you to transfer money directly from your check to the necessary source.

Taking responsibly of your dreams also means doing the same with your financials. Create a situation that both allows you to build wealth while also building your dreams. You already know what excites you. Now, take action. Start with something small like $10 a month into your “dream bucket” and watch the shift begin. Happy living!

Find harmony to achieve your dream life

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Dreamers sometimes get a bad rap. Family and friends don’t always understand the big ideas you have, and they definitely don’t see how you plan to implement them. But I don’t believe that’s a fair assessment. I believe that dreams are an essential part of determining your ideal life. Our dreams help guide us towards the things that we truly desire.

So, what kind of dreamer are you?

You may constantly have new ideas on ways to improve your life like starting different businesses or pinning new travel destinations. Maybe you have a specific dream that won’t go away like relocating to a new city and changing careers. Or maybe, you just dream to dream; you view it as an escape from your daily life and you love the thoughts that pass your mind.

Whatever category of dreamer you fall into remember that there’s nothing wrong thinking about other, loftier options. You were given those desires because you are capable of achieving them. Sure, it may not sound possible now – having (and affording) another baby, opening that bakery, writing that great American novel – but most thing truly are achievable with some life organization.

You see, those dreams come from your core and they’re a direct reflection of your authentic self. All the other area of your life – personal, professional, family and financial – surrounds that core. When your family life is aligned with your true self, you don’t let their opinions about you determine what you do or believe. Your work life will no longer be the defining factor of your purpose. Your personal life will be in harmony with your true desires, so you will pursue actually pursue those lofty goals and “over-the-top” dreams.

When your financial life is guided by your true self, you won’t surrender your personal power to money. Happiness will no longer be something you can purchase, and the value you place on yourself will have nothing to do with the dollar amount in your bank account. A bonus here is that you will have the money to fund those dreams because your relationship with yourself and your money will be healthy enough to make that happen.

Remember, you achieve the right relationship with your core when you allow the four areas of your life to function in sync with who you really are. Dreaming allows you to discover the best part of yourself. The dreamer in you should work in harmony with every other area of your life in order to turn those thoughts into actions and then into your reality.

Dream with a Purpose

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Lately, I’ve been posting a lot of questions on my Facebook profile that basically asked how your life would be different if money weren’t an issue. The answers spanned everything from going back to school to owning a business to a luxurious life on the beach.

We all have dreams for our lives. As children, we dreamt of what we would be doing as an adult. As we got older, our dreams evolved along with our realities. How have your dreams changed in the past year, two years or five years? Or more importantly, how have you handled those dreams.

I don’t believe desires are placed on our minds and hearts for no reason. The things that aren’t meant for us to be doing always have a way of sticking around in our lives in some shape or form, even if it’s just a thought that keeps creeping back into our minds. But instead of entertaining the desire as just “a useless dream,” we deem it unattainable and put in the pile of “if my life was different, I’d be able to do that.” But, it’s not…

How would your life be different without the ifs?

Take a moment and think about all the things you would do, if. You’d leave a job you disliked if you had more in savings. You’d go to the gym and lose those 10 pounds if you had more time. You’d move on from a toxic relationship if you had the courage. Well, you do. You have everything you need to get exactly what you desire – your dreams – at your disposal.

More often than not in life, there will be more reasons to not doing something than there are to do it. But if you keep making excuses as to why you can’t create the life you want, you’ll never see that there are wonderful and compelling reasons why you should just go out there and make it happen.

Action step:
Dream with a purpose; instead of thinking about what your life would be like if, take action on those desires! This week, take a baby step towards capturing those dreams. The actions will come with time, but I want you to first change your mind. Rewrite those negative scripts running through your head about what is and is not possible. Remove the hypothetical. Don’t be if; be in, be out, be real, but don’t be if. Speaking in the affirmative opens your life to great things. Changing your words and your mind creates the space for the life of your dreams.