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Building your team and getting accountability

I talk a lot about the environment you need to flourish personally, professionally and, of course, financially. You need to build certain traits – like patience, persistence and a can-do attitude – in order to be successful in the areas of your life you want to improve. But there’s another important part of your path that needs to be nurtured: your team.

Your team is just as important as automating your dream-vacation savings or counting your calories for bikini season. The people in your life play a big role your everyday actions. So this week, I don’t want you to look inside yourself for the answers; I want you to look at what you’ve created for yourself so far.

We all need support
The majority of us find comfort in having some sort of routine. We rush out the door in the morning and grab coffee (aka “breakfast”) on the way to the office. We grab lunch out the pizza place around the corner. And we get home after a long day and crash out. We want nothing to do with anything that resembles work after 5pm.

Rewiring those old habits that are ingrained in us is hard. Instead of relying on your own willpower and positive intentions, get some accountability. Sharing your big goals with your friends means that they’ll hold you to those goals. And if you’re not making progress towards actualizing them, your real friends will react. Strongly.

Of course, this is all assuming you have people in your life that will hold you accountable. If you’re not sure, this is where you need to make the biggest – and most difficult – change.

You are who you spend time with
When Jim Rohn said “You are the average of the five people you spend time with,” he was onto something. Eventually, the people who we are around all the time rub off on us. Their phrases start slipping out of our mouths. And their habits – good and bad – become intertwined with ours.

The people who surround you should rub off on you in a good way. Their drive should make you want to work smarter. Their determination should make you go after bigger goals. So look at the people around you, and take an inventory of how they affect your life. If they’re not building you up, fire them from your team. Then seek out people who you want to be like, and feed off their energy.

I did these exact things in my life, and it’s worked amazingly. I surround myself with encouraging people who keep me on the right path towards my goals. They all see my vision and believe in what I’m doing. And I know that whenever I get stumped or discouraged, any member of my team is a quick phone call or email away.

Who are you surrounding yourself with?

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