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The power of choice to reset intentions

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Few things are more powerful than choice. The decisions you make in your life determine the path you take each and every day. Made the wrong choice? Retrace your steps and choose a different one. Not sure what choice to make? Weigh the options and take the leap in one direction or the other. Overwhelmed by the array or lack of choices? Take a deep breath, step away from it and regroup.

Choice is, quite literally, at the center of everything you do in life.

And this is a known fact. Every moment of every day, we have to choose something – anything, in some cases – in order move forward in life. Why, then, do we constantly choose things that will impact us negatively? And how do we stop doing that?

Today, let’s focus on the things that will help you grow into the person you always wanted to be. Today, I want you to #ChooseTo energize your dream life.

#ChooseTo be too positive to be doubtful; too optimistic to be fearful; and too determined to be defeated. Read More

Who do your goals belong to?

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It’s easy to go through life chasing after each and every goal. Graduate college? Check. Get a masters degree? Check. Work at {prestigious company name here}? Check. Promotion? Raise? Marriage? Kids? Mortgage? Check on all fronts.

We are truly trained to have a plan throughout adulthood. We pursue, pursue, pursue until we hit that goal. And then, we move onto the next one. Just got promoted to manager at your company? Perfect; you’re that much closer to being a vice president. Signed the dotted line on your starter home? The next one is certain to be a lot closer to the dream home. And if you just got married, I’m sure you’ve been inundated with the “so when are you going to have kids?” question!

Our society rarely takes a moment to just enjoy the journey, which is a shame. Savoring the moment is crucial to enhance happiness in life. It also helps you determine if the goals you are pursuing are the ones you really should be. Read More

Happiness Is Not A Finish Line

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You’re stuck. Maybe in a job that you don’t like. Or in relationships that are toxic. In a physical space that drains you. Or pursuing something that once fed you but now depletes you.

You are stuck. And it sucks.

Because you worked so hard to be unstuck. To be free of chains and negativity. To not rely on outside sources for your internal happiness.

But here you are. In a position that you find unfulfilling, depressing or maybe even maddening. And you ask yourself time and time again:

How did I get here?

To a place where you wish you could reach for rose-colored glasses. To a stage in your life that you weren’t prepared for. To a mindset that you know won’t help you climb out of the negativity.

But here you are, anyway. Read More

Choosing Happiness When Pain Surfaces

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Spend some time researching happiness stats in this country, and you’ll get results ranging from how much money you need to make to truly be happy and the dismal percentage of Americans that actually are. Happiness is important, yet it’s one of the more overlooked indicators of a full life.

Often, we get caught up in the accumulation of stuff – job titles, fabulous vacations, handbags, etc. – in the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, those things are just that – things. True happiness comes from within and the material things we collect have a negligible effect at best.

So what is it you are trying to bury? What’s going on in your life currently that is making you unhappy?

I think a big part of the reason why so many of us are unhappy is because we hold onto bad experiences from the past and attach them to current situations far too often. You will never heal from past hurts if you keep opening the wounds during current ones. Your narrative may be powerful, but keeping a Rolodex of your past pains is truly only hurting you. Read More