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The Power Of the Present Moment

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When was the last time you took a moment to show gratitude? I know, I know: you are super busy. You’ve got a demanding career, even more demanding children and let’s not even get started on the mundane daily responsibilities that take up way too much time.

I get it. With a husband, four children and two businesses I’m at the helm of, I understand that sometimes everything else in life is more important than how you feel each moment. But to avoid burnout – and remain sane – you have to learn what you need and give that to yourself.

What does that look like? In short, it’s focusing on something that brings you joy and happiness at this moment. It could be something small, something big, or something that – on the surface – seems impossible. But your days are a series of choices, so why not make a choice for happiness whenever you can squeeze it in?

Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that your stressful responsibilities won’t go away. As much as I’d love to tell you that you don’t have to do the things you don’t want to, we all know that sometimes that’s just not the case. Confrontations happen. Disagreements occasionally turn into arguments. And disappointment is a part of life. You still have to deal with the hard stuff. But luckily for all of us, we can choose to counter these low moments with peaceful ones. Read More

Happiness Starts From Within

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Happily ever after. It’s usually attached to a fairy tale. A prince charming. And an ending wrapped in a bow. But real life isn’t always that simple, and reality can make even the best situation seem unbearable at times.

So, we eat. Or drink. Or spend money on things that we’ll never wear, never see again and frankly just don’t want. Because swiping the credit card for that new dress is easier than dealing with the real, underlying issue: our unhappiness.

When we aren’t happy, we tend to look around us at the external things in our lives to find happiness. But we must remember that happiness isn’t defined by stuff. The material things you own have nothing to do with what’s truly going on inside. Read More

Good Things Come to Those Who Act

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make-it-countGood things come to those who wait.

We’ve heard it. We’ve used it on our kids. And we may have even practiced it ourselves a time or two. It’s a quote on patience, and it’s quite a valuable one.

But it’s not always necessarily true.

Depending on the situation, patience is great. It helps us pass the time during the mundane; distracts us during things we dislike; and survive the moments we feel like we won’t make it another ten seconds.

When it comes to our lives – specifically, our big and important goals – we eventually have to stop waiting and start doing.

For those of you afraid to take that jump, I understand. It’s one thing to put yourself in a position to pursue the things you’ve always wanted. It’s a totally different situation to actually change your life. Why? Because funneling away a few hundred dollars a month doesn’t drastically change your life. Neither does going to a few networking events a month or even an extended vacation to test out our idea. Read More

Learning Confidence

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importantEveryone wants to be different. Unique. We all want to believe that there is something about us that makes us stand out from others. And though we are all very similar in many ways, we are also individuals. Sure we all want to be successful and happy, but our definition of what success and happiness is varies from person to person. We want the same things, but we want different things.

Being a little bit different from everyone else is actually advantageous. If we were all exactly the same, then there wouldn’t be so much art and creativity in the world. We wouldn’t form relationships as strongly as we do. And we would all be, well, bored. So having your own style and signature is what makes you special. Why, then, do we immediately recoil when who we are bothers other people?

I’m sure you have either been there or you know someone who this happens to often. You know who I’m talking about: the person with a personality that can only be described as polarizing. She’s loud. Opinionated. Unapologetic. And completely herself 100 percent of the time. Read More