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Ayurvedic Connection

By March 3, 2010Books and CD's

Chapter Two touched on the chakras of the body and the waste that can accumulate from toxic emotions. There is a holistic form of medicine, one that originated in India thousands of years ago, called Ayurveda or Ayurvedic Medicine. Among the many fascinating aspects of this unique approach to wellness and healing is the concept that our bodies must be in a state of equilibrium or harmony with our true selves in order to achieve total health. An Ayurvedic physician sees each person as totally different and separate from the next. As you’re reading these words, you have your own unique energy coursing through your body, dictating your physical and emotional balance. If, for example, you just ate a snack that is not in alignment with your energy flow (which for me would be a big bowl of pasta) your body will not process that food properly. This will cause a buildup of toxic particles in various zones of your body. This toxic buildup is called ama, and, over time, it will collect in a vulnerable area and eventually result in disease.

What on earth does this have to do with your financial health? I find this a wonderful parallel with your financial health. When you’re not living a life aligned with your life’s purpose, the obstacles or crabs around you create a negative buildup, a financial ama if you will, which will eventually cause a blockage to your success. This is why you must take steps to rid yourself of the people and things that stand in your way.

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