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When was the last time you dreamed? When you dreamed about your family goal of a big international vacation. Or your work dream of changing industries to something a little risky. And your personal goal of ending a relationship that no longer serves your best interest.

Do you remember when you allowed yourself to think about the things you truly wanted and didn’t immediately shoot it down? If the answer is no, why haven’t you allowed yourself to dream? And if you have dreamed for a moment, why did you shoot it down so quickly?

The challenge that many of us are facing today is that we’ve stopped dreaming. We’re so connected to devices, everyday life issues and “reality” programming that we’ve lost touch with the things we truly wanted. Our day-to-day needs supersede goals, and daily goals take precedence over dreams.

Living in 2015 means that we get to be in the front seat of incredible technological advances. The problem here is that our lives have become so predictably scheduled and monotonous for the sake of efficiency. Smartphones have streamline everything from getting a taxi to unlocking doors to watching our favorite television shows.

In a world where we have more available access to the tools we need to make dreams come true, we find ourselves further than ever from them. And the “on demand” nature of the lives we lead have taken away something so valuable to fulfilled life: spontaneity.

Being spontaneous and dreaming are two of the things that we’ve gotten away from. We need those moments to think about what the ideals in our life could be and how we can be challenged. Dreams give us insight into the things that make us truly happy and, therefore, the things we should invest more energy into pursuing. Spontaneity gives us the kick in the butt we need when things become stale or predictable.

Take action

To create an environment that breeds creativity, inspiration and happiness, invite more spontaneity in your life and allow yourself to play around in the land of your dreams. Awaken your spirit the possibility of not just pursing your dreams, but thriving in your dream life. How do you do that? By taking action.

It’s time to get back to some unstructured and spontaneous living. Give yourself ten minutes every once in a while to picture your ideal life. Write in a journal about the things you’re too afraid to tell someone you truly want. Choose to devote one night a week to doing something completely out of your comfort zone.

Spending time on yourself is never – ever – a bad idea. The more time you spend exploring those gut feelings, the better you will get to know your authentic self. You are worth every ounce energy you can devote to your dreams. Give yourself the space you need to explore your ideal life.

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