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Bridge Mind & Body

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Is there anything more valuable than your health? Our well-being affects literally every other aspect of our lives in either a positive or negative way. From a simple cold to larger medical issues, our health is one of the biggest indicators of what’s going on in our lives emotionally. When our bodies begin to break down is when we realize what a quandary we’ve found ourselves to be in.  Yet we continue to do the same things that got us there in the first place. And we continue to hope that things will eventually turn around.

Sound familiar?

Getting caught in this vicious physical cycle wreaks havoc on our bodies. We lose energy. Our minds start to slow down, falling far short of their optimal performance levels. And our moods fluctuate from content and peaceful to unsettled. We start to question the things we’ve always known for sure. We start to doubt our selves. We lose sight of the good in our lives and focus on the things weighing us down.

That’s why this week I’d like to focus on your finances, your family and friends, or your work life, I want to delve deeper into your personal life.  That includes everything from spending time with your family to squeezing in a girls (or guys) weekend every now and again. But it also means taking care of yourself physically every single day. Read More

Accumulate Experiences

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When was the last time you spent a day with people you love and didn’t have to spend a dime? Or spent so little that it didn’t involve any stress about money or the financial pit you’ve dug for yourself? Our culture puts so much emphasis on material things; we seem to define success by the amount of clothes in our closets or the kind of car we drive.

How much do these things really matter in the long run? It of course feels great to spend a day or two (or more) collecting brand new items courtesy of our lines of credit in the moment. Once we get home and see the bill, however, those happy feelings dissipate and we’re stuck with that sinking sensation of financial doom.

It’s time for you to rethink what wealth means to you. Yes, having lots of stuff to look at may feel great. Unfortunately, the downside of it is that all of those things weigh you down. And not just physical space wise. Clutter in your home and overexceeding your space means that there is less room for growth mentally and emotionally. When was the last time you were able to really focus with a house filled to the rim of things that you just flat-out didn’t want or need?

Action step

I know it’s the season of spending so you’d be hard pressed to stay away from the holiday sales. What I do what you to do, however, is try to focus on accumulating experiences instead of things. Go ahead and buy those Christmas gifts, but also try to spend time with the people you are getting them for. Instead of wrapping up a scarf or a video game, gift the person a meal at their favorite lunch place for the two of you. Or get a Groupon for something they’d love – like skiing or wine and painting – and go with them.

The big problem with our culture is that we put the emphasis on what we have physically. The big house. The expensive car. The designer clothes. The dinners at the trendiest restaurants. But we lack substantial life experiences because we focus on accumulating material things. And that’s what I want you to focus on; spend these next few weeks accumulating as many substantial experiences as possible. Take a few extra moments to talk to the barista you see every morning. Take the intern to lunch to see how they’re doing. Bake a pie for your neighbor and invite them over to share it with them.

Take this season of giving a step further by giving yourself instead of your money. It’s amazing how much better you’ll feel knowing you both brighten someone’s day and even yours just by caring. Being an accumulator of experiences – and not things – will bring you more joy and peace than anything you can purchase in a store.


Tough Decisions Made Easy

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Making decisions is part of daily life. The majority of the decisions we face are small; what do I wear today? What should I have for dinner? Should I scale back on usage of my cell phone to save money? At the end of the day, these small decisions can be tiresome, so much so, that when it’s time to make the big decisions that are a bit harder to work through, it can feel overwhelming. Here’s a quick and easy way to get out of your head and tap into your heart. This exercise is something I personally do each time I face a decision that merits more than just a quick thought. Allow your intuition to tell you what’s right. Pay attention to the way your body responds to each option you weigh and remember: only you know what’s best for you.

November 12, 2013

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Introducing ChooseTo.com
We are constantly surrounded by financial experts telling us what to do with our money. The constant stream of advice comes out more like commands which leave us feeling paralyzed with only one option for our money. But when it comes to finances, one size does not fit all. Now is the time to be empowered by your money. And I believe in making financial choices that both improve your current life and fix your past one.

That’s why I’ve decided to start a new movement/campaign: Choose To. Let go of being a victim, and Choose To survive and then thrive. Dispense the crabs in your bucket and Choose To surround yourself with positive and encouraging people. Release the negative emotions you have about your money and Choose To see it at as a vehicle. The things you desire are within your grasp; it’s time to Choose To achieve them.