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blog-imageShopping is fun. That’s what everyone tells us: friends, media and even ourselves. But when you’re struggling with your finances, shopping turns into a quick fix that escalates an already large problem.

What’s your biggest shopping addiction? Is it shoes? Handbags? Dinner out several times a week? Or maybe it’s just the act of swiping the credit card that excites you?

The bigger question here is this: what are you trying to mask? Accumulating things with no real want or desire behind the item itself is a sign that you’re unhappy. You’re trying to fill a void in your life with the material things that you think will enhance your life. And, mostly likely, it hasn’t worked.

Luckily for you, I have a solution to your addiction to accumulation. You want to live a certain life, and you think that the things you buy are getting you closer to that life. Spoiler alert: they’re not. If anything, they’re pushing you further away from the life you truly desire. But there is a truth here that you are over looking:

You already possess everything you need to live your dream life.

You may not see it, but take a closer look at what you have. No, not what’s in the closet or the driveway. And I’m not talking about your job title or your available credit card balances either.

I’m talking about the things you do that make you happy on a daily basis. It may only be a few fleeting seconds of bliss, but it matters. And it’s the basis of that dream life you desire so badly.

Action step

For the next week, take notice of those moments when you are truly happy. Embrace the moment totally. Then write a little note to yourself: where you were, what you were doing, and what part of it brought on that great feeling.

There’s a big misconception that one must purchase their dream life in one way or another. That’s not true. You are already experiencing what you love, you’re just not noticing the moments when it’s happening. It’s time to take notice. Your dream life right at your fingertips. Grab it.

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