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Accept yourself to better yourself


The basis of everything I do is bridging the gap between emotions and money. I believe that emotional unrest will eventually lead to financial distress. To be in a healthy relationship with your finances, you need to be in a healthy and harmonious place emotionally.

Many would argue that the basis of our emotional state is our happiness. That we could not truly be happy if we are not emotionally sound and secure in who we are as human beings. Since we do not feel happy, we try to find that happiness at every possible corner. By that, I mean we look for happiness in all-things external hoping that it will eventually seep into our inner selves and turn us into happy people. When this doesn’t work, we are emotionally – and even sometimes physically – exhausted.

Does this sound familiar? Maybe you’ve realized that you surrounded yourself with negative people. Or that the work you do doesn’t fulfill you – you’re only working there because of the paycheck. Maybe one of your most important relationships had changed so much that it’s unrecognizable, and you’re devastated at the thought of letting go of someone that was at one time a central figure in your life.

Whatever the root of your unhappiness is, it is causing greater damage to your life than you may realize. But there is good news here; it doesn’t have to stay that way. You are in the driver’s seat of your life. You just have to accept where you are right now before you can speed off into the future.


Accepting yourself

You may not be able to change everything around you, but you can change yourself. To change, you must accept. Accept yourself. Accept yourself in your current reality. You must stop blaming yourself for your failures and instead empower yourself for the changes you can make right now for a better future.

Remove shame, blame, guilt and judgment from your life in all areas. But be sure to start with yourself. It’s okay that you made mistakes, got hurt, or said something wrong. Once you let go of perfection or an unattainably high standard, you’ll see that who you are is who you need to be to learn and grow. And that’s okay.

Before you can create solutions to your financial life ; before you can be innovative in your personal and professional lives; before you can shift to higher vibrations; before you can heal your relationship with money, you must accept yourself.

Not a month from now. Not 20 pounds from now. Not $15,000 from now. Not a new house from now.

Right now.

Action step

Where are you right now? Do you love yourself? Do you accept yourself? Are you willing to meet yourself where you are right now? In previous posts, I’ve told you to spend some quiet time thinking about a specific aspect of your life. But this week, I want you to do one simple thing that is the base of everything we’ve covered:

Accept yourself.

Accept your surroundings, your habits, and your current hobbies. Accept your failures and successes. Accept YOU – all of you; not just the good. Accepting who you are right now is what needs to happen before anything else can take flight.


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