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February 2016

Restoring your authority for an authentic life

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People in positions of authority often talk about how much their life changed when they started saying “No.” And as easy as it seems, those two letters are often the scariest ones to utter to those closest to us in our lives. Our friends. Family members. Business partners. Coworkers.

Saying “No” is a terrifying proposition and for good reason; no one wants to let anyone else down. Luckily, there have been best-selling books, blog posts and think pieces on how beneficial and necessary it is to not just grin and bear it.

Today, however, I want to talk about something different: saying “Yes.” Read More

Put an end to your financial drama

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Are you a financial drama queen? Not sure? Ask yourself these questions:

  • You carry bad debt over month-to-month.
  • You constantly bail people out of their own dysfunction.
  • You spend more than you earn.
  • You’re house/car/”insert material item” poor and not willing to downsize.

If you answered yes to one of these questions, congratulations: you’re a financial drama queen!

It’s not nearly as glamorous and exciting as it sounds, right? Of course not. Who wants to constantly be running towards breaking even in their personal financial lives? No one, and especially not you. Read More