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January 2016

Live by Choice, Not by Chance

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Every day we are bombarded with choices. What to wear, where to grab lunch, what route we want to take to work and a host of other options are constantly flying at us all the time. And we seamlessly make the decisions. We all manage to dress ourselves, feed ourselves, make it to and from work, and live pretty consistent lives.

Why, then, do so many of us get crippled with decision overwhelm? Specifically, why is it so hard to us to choose to be happy? On the one hand, we are constantly viewing images of what happiness looks like. It’s expensive handbags and a jet set lifestyle with beautiful people a drinks that have no calories.

Though all of those things are nice, none of that stuff is actually going to make you happy. Happiness is something you’re going to have to work out on your own. Read More

How to integrate your life through self-acceptance

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Welcome to 2016: the Year of Integration

The words we say to ourselves can oftentimes be much more damaging than the ones others say to us.

Ugh, we did I eat all of that? I’m so fat! I can’t believe I spent all that money. I’m so irresponsible. That fender bender was totally my fault. I’m so stupid.

Why do we hate ourselves so much? Why do we continue to put so much energy into disliking the things about ourselves that aren’t perfect?

And how do we rewrite the script?

First, let’s talk about why you’re doing this. We all have things that make us unhappy about ourselves; that’s normal. The problem comes in when we see so many ads showing us what our lives should look like. Images filled with beautiful people on fabulous vacations and luxury cars are what we should all want, right?

Read More