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October 2015

Embrace the struggle, trust your journey

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I believe that you can truly do great things. I know that you can have the life that you want financially, professionally and personally; all you have to do is put in the work. And that’s what I devote this space to: helping you understand your power and working on harnessing it to live your authentic life. But there’s another side to it that few discuss yet everyone experiences to some level. It’s the part of success that drains you and makes you question everything. And today, I want to talk about that.

What do you think of when I say the name Steve Jobs? How about Michael Jordan? Or Oprah? Wildly successful luminaries who changed the world through drive, intelligence and a bit of creativity, right?

Here’s what I think. I remember a man who was fired from his own company and had to completely regroup at 30 years old. I think about a kid who got cut from the basketball team in high school because the coaches told him he wasn’t good enough. And I see a woman who struggled so long and so publicly with her weight that it at times overshadowed her career as a broadcaster. Read More

Honor the divine within you

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What are your dreams? No. Not the ones that are socially acceptable. Not the ones that you think others will understand. And definitely not the ones bestowed upon you by your parents, your best friend, your boss, your professors, etc.

What are your dreams?

The big ones. The scary ones. The ones that you feel like you have no chance of achieving. The ones that got laughed at over Thanksgiving dinner with your family. The ones that your girlfriends gloss over when you bring up the topic.

Let’s talk about them. No, not your dreams; those are there because they were destined to be. Because you are more than capable of making them reality. They’ll be there until you decide to grab them, run with them and show the world who they are. Read More