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September 2015

Your personal truth and how to own it

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For a lot of us, the decision to speak up to be an excruciating one. If we stay quiet, we don’t risk ruffling any feathers. No one’s feelings get hurt and we come out of every situation unscathed. If we speak up, however, we could offend people. They may dislike us. Want to argue us down. Or badmouth us to others.

I’ve felt like that many times before. There have been moments when I wanted nothing more than to just say what I was thinking and feeling. But I stopped myself. Why? Fear of rejection. Possibility of ridicule. And the chance of being too offensive to clean up the mess I’d just made. Have you ever felt this way? Read More

How to avoid fear based decisions when crisis occurs

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Life is a series of choices. We go through the days choosing what we want to do, what we think we should do, what we need to do and what we think will be the best option for right now and possibly in our future. But, when presented with a choice between a safe option and a scary one, do you choose based on what’s right for you or what keeps you in your comfort zone? Don’t let fear be your determining factor.

How to Use Fear as an Opportunity to Grow

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I am a firm believer in all areas of your life being aligned around your central pillar: your authentic self. But many of us put money at the center of everything. Every choice. Every worry. Every fear. Every thing is dictated by how it will affect us financially.

I don’t need to tell you what the result of this is. You’re unhappy, unfulfilled, constantly stressed and rarely at peace with any aspect of your life. It’s funny how placing money over everything else can bring on so much mental and emotional strife.

So, how do we stop doing that? How do we stop choosing a life that will only lead to ulcers, headaches and a never-ending feeling of dissatisfaction? I can’t give you a road map to eternal happiness, but I can give you a suggestion of a place start. Maybe it’s time to start facing the fear. Read More