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August 2015

The power of choice to reset intentions

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Few things are more powerful than choice. The decisions you make in your life determine the path you take each and every day. Made the wrong choice? Retrace your steps and choose a different one. Not sure what choice to make? Weigh the options and take the leap in one direction or the other. Overwhelmed by the array or lack of choices? Take a deep breath, step away from it and regroup.

Choice is, quite literally, at the center of everything you do in life.

And this is a known fact. Every moment of every day, we have to choose something – anything, in some cases – in order move forward in life. Why, then, do we constantly choose things that will impact us negatively? And how do we stop doing that?

Today, let’s focus on the things that will help you grow into the person you always wanted to be. Today, I want you to #ChooseTo energize your dream life.

#ChooseTo be too positive to be doubtful; too optimistic to be fearful; and too determined to be defeated. Read More