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April 2015

Happiness Starts From Within

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Happily ever after. It’s usually attached to a fairy tale. A prince charming. And an ending wrapped in a bow. But real life isn’t always that simple, and reality can make even the best situation seem unbearable at times.

So, we eat. Or drink. Or spend money on things that we’ll never wear, never see again and frankly just don’t want. Because swiping the credit card for that new dress is easier than dealing with the real, underlying issue: our unhappiness.

When we aren’t happy, we tend to look around us at the external things in our lives to find happiness. But we must remember that happiness isn’t defined by stuff. The material things you own have nothing to do with what’s truly going on inside. Read More

Good Things Come to Those Who Act

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make-it-countGood things come to those who wait.

We’ve heard it. We’ve used it on our kids. And we may have even practiced it ourselves a time or two. It’s a quote on patience, and it’s quite a valuable one.

But it’s not always necessarily true.

Depending on the situation, patience is great. It helps us pass the time during the mundane; distracts us during things we dislike; and survive the moments we feel like we won’t make it another ten seconds.

When it comes to our lives – specifically, our big and important goals – we eventually have to stop waiting and start doing.

For those of you afraid to take that jump, I understand. It’s one thing to put yourself in a position to pursue the things you’ve always wanted. It’s a totally different situation to actually change your life. Why? Because funneling away a few hundred dollars a month doesn’t drastically change your life. Neither does going to a few networking events a month or even an extended vacation to test out our idea. Read More