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March 2015

Learning Confidence

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importantEveryone wants to be different. Unique. We all want to believe that there is something about us that makes us stand out from others. And though we are all very similar in many ways, we are also individuals. Sure we all want to be successful and happy, but our definition of what success and happiness is varies from person to person. We want the same things, but we want different things.

Being a little bit different from everyone else is actually advantageous. If we were all exactly the same, then there wouldn’t be so much art and creativity in the world. We wouldn’t form relationships as strongly as we do. And we would all be, well, bored. So having your own style and signature is what makes you special. Why, then, do we immediately recoil when who we are bothers other people?

I’m sure you have either been there or you know someone who this happens to often. You know who I’m talking about: the person with a personality that can only be described as polarizing. She’s loud. Opinionated. Unapologetic. And completely herself 100 percent of the time. Read More

No Longer a Victim

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Ever felt victimized by life’s tough breaks? I know I have. Seeing the successes other people are racking up while you continue to struggle with things that, theoretically, should be simple by now? It’s a bad feeling.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about unforeseen circumstances. Getting a flat tire on the way to the most important meeting or interview of your life. A medical problem blindsides you – and your bank account. You were picked over for the promotion that had your name written all over it.

Life can definitely throw you a curve ball and sometimes you don’t have nearly enough time to duck.

But you know what we can control? Our outlook. Not just our feelings on that one specific moment, but how we handle the stressors and setbacks. The first thing you need to come to terms with is this: Read More