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December 2014

A Reason To Celebrate Today

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When you look over the past twelve months, what is the first thing you feel? Joy or frustration? Accomplishment or disappointment? Excitement or dread? Or is it a combination of two or more of some opposing feelings?

Life is peaks and valleys, so it’s completely normal to look back on your past and have mixed emotions. Bad days, weeks or months eventually make way for the good times. Taking all of that into account results in a year recognized only in moments – major moments that changed your life for better or worse.

Whatever it is you are feeling now about the past, present and future, I want you to take a moment to do these three things: make peace with it, embrace it and plan to either grow or change it. If you look back on the previous twelve months and only see a succession of choices that resulted in negative outcomes, make peace with it.

Maybe you lost your job. Took a big risk that left you in the red. Went through a nasty divorce. Lost a loved one. Whatever happened, find a way to make peace with it. If you’re still struggling to get back up from bad experiences, don’t get too down on yourself. We all heal at different paces. Remember, life isn’t a race. Take the time you need to lick your wounds. Cry. Get angry. And when you’re ready, make peace. Read More

The Spirit of Giving

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For 11 months out of the year, we focus our energy on working, raising the kids, maintaining our relationships – both romantic and platonic, and trying to live as balanced a life as possible. In the midst of juggling all of these responsibilities, we go through periods of neglecting and/or feeling neglected by our significant others; under appreciated by our immediate family; emotionally and physically distanced from our closest friends; disappointed with what’s going on at work; and disconnected with the most important person of all: ourselves.

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, we find ourselves adding time, energy and money exponentially to all the people we didn’t get to spend as much time with as well as the ones who are the most important. We celebrate the season with countless holiday parties, grab bags and Secret Santa gifts. Ugly sweater parties and “catch up” drinks with friends we rarely get to see. And, of course, shopping. Shopping for the kids, the coworkers, the significant others, the friends, the parents, the siblings, the boss and everyone else.

With all this energy expended on everyone else for 11 months out of the year – not to mention the remaining month when 100 percent of our beings go to giving – when do we ever take a moment to do things for yourselves? Read More