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June 2014

Define Your Purpose

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Purpose. What do you think of when you hear that word? It can be invigorating or illusive, depending on your perspective. It does, however, make each day more meaningful and productive. After reading this New York Times article by journalist Paula Span, I was reminded of my own purpose and what drives me. I’m a mother. A wife. A business owner. An author. A speaker. A woman. And a financial planner (along with so many other things). These titles represent how I spend my days; and I couldn’t thrive in one without the other.

And that’s why I talk so much about living your authentic life. When it comes to my career, I’m not yet where I want to be. I want to reach more people as a speaker. My goal is to financially heal the world. It may sound impossible, but that’s where I thrive. Though I’m not there yet, I wake up each day excited about what’s to come. I’m challenged. I’m surrounded by people who support me and keep me on my toes. I teach and I learn. I’m financially free to do the things that feed my mind, body and soul. And I am living my authentic life filled with both purpose and promise. Read More

Make A Connection

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We live in a capitalist society. Everyone wants the best life can offer: big homes, flashy cars, expensive handbags and all the tech toys their money can buy. What you have is more important than who you are. And comparing ourselves to others isn’t an occasional passing thought; it’s a daily masochistic ritual.

Why do we do this to ourselves when we know that these things won’t make us happy? Envy and greed bring nothing but pain and sadness, yet we continue to allow those feelings into our hearts and heads. With this lack of substance permeated throughout our lives, it’s easy to forget the important stuff. Relationships. Peacefulness. Being happy.

Often, we look outward for those things. Why? Because that’s what the world tells us to do. You can’t possibly be happy without the latest iPhone. And there’s no way you know anything about true culture without a passport filled with stamps. So we work towards achieving what we think will bring us happiness. We want to be accepted by a certain person or group, so we conform to fit their standards. We want happiness, so we go for the thing that gives us that rush of adrenaline. However well intentioned we may be, attempting to fill your internal void through external means won’t work. Read More