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April 2014

Connect With Greatness

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What are you saying to yourself when no one is around? Are you belittling the mistakes you’ve made or are you encouraging the small victories you’ve accomplished on a daily basis? For many of us, the difference between success and failure is as simple as positive self speak.

When it comes to big goals, do you find yourself sometimes getting a bit hesitant? It’s normal to have these ideas that we get very excited about or to have that nagging idea that just won’t go away. Daydreaming about what would happen if those things were our reality is fun, but it can’t really happen. We’re not smart enough. Creative enough. Interesting.

We just aren’t enough of what people need to be to live that dream life we desire. Read More

April 21, 2014

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Free Webinar! “The Three-Step System to Activating Your Inner Life Energy for Greater Health, Wealth and Happiness”

Do you ever feel frustrated and wonder why you’re still struggling emotionally, physically or financially?

Maybe you’ve been on a spiritual path for years, and still – sometimes you think, “Why aren’t things getting any better for me?”  “Why am I still having a hard time just paying the bills – or why am I still fighting with this health challenge or relationship issue?”

Or maybe you feel overwhelmed a lot of the time and it seems like you never know when the anxiety is going to rear its ugly head and cause you to snap at your husband, wife or child.

And that causes a whole new set of problems because people don’t usually like it when you bite their head off for no good reason. It usually takes a while for them to get over it. And sometimes, “I’m sorry,” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Whatever you may be going through, it’s not easy when it seems like you’re not making any progress.

But you know what? You are not alone. A full EIGHTY percent of Americans are unhappy in some aspect of their lives and don’t know how to fix the problem or in many cases even know what the problem is.

That’s why I’m so excited to invite you to a special Webinar with my friends, Sharon Wilson and Missy Kalat:

FREE Webinar!
“The Three-Step System to Activating Your Inner
Life Energy for Greater Health, Wealth and Happiness”
Date: Thursday April 24th
Time: 8pm EST / 5pm PST

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Serve Your Highest Interest

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blog-imageIf you’re reading this blog, chances are you are looking for a way out. It could be as something as simple as a way out of a bad part time job or as a big as a financial hole that seems insurmountable. These problems can overtake you, turning even the simplest bad fortune to something so terrible that you don’t emotionally shut down. The way I see it, you have two choices: hoard negativity or attract abundance.

The person who stays in a negative situation – whether that is toxic relationships, a bad job situation or a home life that is destructive – will see those issues seeping out into the other areas of their lives. They’ll turn to alcohol in an irresponsible way for a release. They’ll spend time with people they know aren’t good for them just to “get away from it all.” They’ll lash out at their coworkers for the smallest things.

Is this what you want? To internalize the negativity in your life only for it to seep out into ways that aren’t just self destructive for you, but potentially others as well? Read More