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January 2014

Feng Shui Flu

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‘Tis the season of new beginnings. It doesn’t have to just be confined to January, but many people like to start the new year off with a clean slate. We all have those “aha!” moments when we know it’s just time to make some major changes. But with big change comes big results. And sometimes, those changes can bring along a little extra something that we weren’t expecting.

Clearing out the clutter in your home, your mind and your body are popular trends for new beginnings. But have you noticed that when you do a major overhaul in your life – whatever the area – you get sick? Maybe it’s the dust coming up from all the old belongings or the symptoms of that weight loss detox; but in our quest to shake things up in a positive way – to build ourselves a new, better life – we get something I like to call the feng shui flu.

The feng shui flu doesn’t happen just after you’ve removed the old; it happens when you’ve both gotten rid of the clutter and replaced it with the new, healthy additions in your life. I experienced this when my husband and I basically gutted our condo. We went through a ton of boxes and ended up just getting rid of a lot of the things that no longer served us. As the construction progressed and we continued to purge our possessions, all five of us (including our three kids) got sick!

Another example of this is when you give up sugar or processed foods for a healthier diet. Those detox symptoms you feel are an extension of the feng shui flu. When you change your diet drastically, your physical space has to change. You have to go through your pantry and refrigerator and get rid of all the foods that weren’t serving your health the way you wanted them to. The headaches, the irritability, the tiredness: all residual affects of the feng shui flu.

Overhauling isn’t easy which is why so many people struggle with making major changes in their lives. When you carry physical and emotional clutter and you start to clean it up, your energy doesn’t vibrate with where the new things come in. You resonated with the old stuff – the clutter, the sugar, the unhealthy relationship – and when you start to clear it out and replace it with new things, you get sick.

But there is a silver lining here. When you get the feng shui flu, you know you’re headed in the right direction. Your mind and body is detoxing from the things that was weighing it down, and that headache or the sniffles is just it’s way of letting you know that. Pushing through the aches and pains of this time is tough. Once you get to the other side, though, you will feel better in every way possible: physically, emotionally and – as I’ll delve deeper into next week – financially.

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