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August 2013

Trust In The Present Moment

By | Advice from Julie Murphy Casserly, Blog | No Comments


We have so many emotions wrapped up in our finances: excitement, dread, curiosity, fear, regret. And these emotions are the cornerstone of how we deal with our finances. Every purchase we make comes with a hefty price, and not just out of our bank accounts. And debt? Debt creates more anxiety and fear about our future, regret and hurt about our past. But maybe it’s not money or debt you’re really afraid of; maybe it’s the choices you’ve made surrounding it that scare you the most.

It’s normal to feel anxiety about what could happen. With kids, a shaky job market and a constantly changing ecosystem, finding solid footing in life is increasingly difficult. But that doesn’t mean you have to embrace anxiety as a way to deal with your financial future, nor deal with your past from a place of depression.

Thinking about the past does nothing for your future. Past choices – especially ones that we regret – create feelings of anxiety about what’s to come. The future is what you make of it, so don’t waste it on recreating your past.

So, what’s happened in your past that makes your future so scary?

When you dwell on your past – the mistakes, the setbacks, the tough moments – you view your future from a place of fear. You base your present choices off of things that scared you before. Do you realize that basing your current life on your past choices is creating a future rooted in anxiety and fear?

The solution is simple: live for now. Living in the present moment is the only way to create your dream life. The past is over; take what you learned from your actions as valuable life lessons. Walk into your future not from a place of depression, but from one of excitement.

Your past is just that: in the past. It’s over. You know what defines who you are? The choices you make right now. You are defined by your actions today, not what you plan to do tomorrow or what you did four days, months or years ago.

The topics I discuss on my blog, during speeches and in social media are about money. But most of the things I talk about doing in order to get your money where you want it to be require courage. You need to be courageous enough to both accept your past and release the negative feelings associated with them. In terms of your future, your source of courage comes from living in the present moment. Trust that the healthy, loving and positive choices you are making right now will create a beautiful future.

Once your actions are in line with your ideal life, your depression from the past will fade and your anxiety of the future will make way for anticipation. Wonderful things are happening in your life right now, so don’t miss them by dwelling on the past or stressing about tomorrow’s unknown.