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February 2012

Accept yourself to better yourself

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The basis of everything I do is bridging the gap between emotions and money. I believe that emotional unrest will eventually lead to financial distress. To be in a healthy relationship with your finances, you need to be in a healthy and harmonious place emotionally.

Many would argue that the basis of our emotional state is our happiness. That we could not truly be happy if we are not emotionally sound and secure in who we are as human beings. Since we do not feel happy, we try to find that happiness at every possible corner. By that, I mean we look for happiness in all-things external hoping that it will eventually seep into our inner selves and turn us into happy people. When this doesn’t work, we are emotionally – and even sometimes physically – exhausted.

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Finding your harmony: are you living a harmonious life?

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When you walk the path specifically made for you, you are living in line with your core values. To help you get to that point, take a moment to think about the things you’re doing that aren’t making you happy or aren’t in line with the life you pictured for yourself.

So what popped up in your brain? How many things do you do each day or week that you truly don’t like? Seeing those things listed on a piece of paper means you know exactly what to start eliminating. And once those things that make you unhappy are eliminated, you can start filling the empty space with the things you truly desire.

Finding harmony
Now that you have eliminated what you don’t want, it’s time to focus on the things that you have dreamed about. When you go after the things you truly desire, you are putting your inner wealth at the center of your life. And once your actions are in line with that inner wealth, you are living harmoniously. Living in harmony with your inner wealth means that you have accepted your current reality. When you get an uneasy feeling, you know that something isn’t aligned between your life’s purpose and your actions.

Finding that harmony between your actions, intentions, emotions and reality makes going with the flow of your daily life easier because you’ll know what next step to take. So often, people are fearful of taking the road less traveled; but when you listen to your gut and are aligned with your heart space, you really have nothing to fear. That’s why finding that harmony and living harmoniously every day is the key to inner wealth and true happiness.

Action step
I believe that inner healing leads to outer health; to be on the road to healing, you must also be on the road to harmonious life. When you embrace inner peace and harmony, you allow your authentic self to shine to the world. You wrote down the things you didn’t like last week because you wanted to live the life created specifically for you. This week (and for the next ones coming – this is an ongoing process), write down who you think you are. Are you an innovator? A teacher or a student? How about patient? Trusting? Open and giving? If this feels clouded or gray to you, think back to when you were a child – what made you giggle? What did you want to be when you grew up? Tap into your Authentic Self. There is only one rule to this exercise – focus on who you feel you are; each word you write will help you live a life of true harmony.