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November 2011

Your financial dark side

By | Advice from Julie Murphy Casserly, Blog | One Comment

I am a firm believer in inner transformation being the foundation for external wealth. So much of the things that we do every day are ingrained in our subconscious; they’re habits we didn’t even mean to pick up along the way. So what happens when those habits begin to have a negative effect on our lives? That’s when the financial dark side kicks in.

What is your financial dark side?

It’s different for everyone, but there is one common thread: how it makes us feel about money and ourselves. Your financial dark side’s job is to Read More

Overcome guilt to repair your relationship with money

By | Advice from Julie Murphy Casserly, Blog | No Comments


What’s the first thing you think of when you hear that word? For many, it’s naming the many things they feel guilty about in their lives. Maybe not spending enough time with the family, or moving away from ailing parents to further a career. Or it could be something as simple as not smiling at the doorman at your office building.

What makes you feel guilty?

We are taught to judge ourselves, and usually that judgment is a negative one. Growing up, we watched our friends – and then commiserated with them – about what was wrong with the way we looked. And we had front-row seats to Read More

The season of giving…but not too much

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It’s the first weekend of November, which means that the holiday shopping season is upon us. Macy’s has had holiday displays up for a while, and pretty soon we’ll start hearing Christmas music. All this leads up to the “most wonderful time of the year.” Yet for many of us, this season of giving is spoiled by the stress of overspending.

With the unemployment rate still hovering around 9 percent, the economy is a major factor in how much people will spend this season. And like the ghost of Christmas past, Read More