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October 2011

Trick or treat? What you’re really doing with your finances

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We’ve all been here. We get discouraged when we have to start squirreling away money. We forget that change – real, long-term change – takes more than just a few weeks of work. We get tired or frustrated. We quit, get back on the wagon, and then quit again. But instead of just accepting what we’re doing at face value, we attempt to justify our actions. Or even emphasize the silver lining, completely overlooking the financial sabotage.

Does this sound like you? I’m not accusing you of being weak or frail because permanent behavioral shifts are incredibly difficult to manage, which is why most people fail.

Since Halloween is a few short days away, I wanted you to start thinking about your finances in a different way: trick or treat. But we’re not exactly talking about the money; we’re delving into the behavior. Let’s start by Read More

Your financial personality: becoming an attractor

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Last week, I shared with you the different types of financial personalities. From hoarders to planners to carefree butterflies and everything in between, I think we all fall into one or more of the categories at any given time.

 Your financial personality

Hopefully you got a chance to write down the traits you see in yourself that fall into the different financial personalities. And if you were totally honest, you probably saw some traits that you didn’t like.


Maybe the controller in you comes out when Read More