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July 2011

Building your team and getting accountability

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I talk a lot about the environment you need to flourish personally, professionally and, of course, financially. You need to build certain traits – like patience, persistence and a can-do attitude – in order to be successful in the areas of your life you want to improve. But there’s another important part of your path that needs to be nurtured: your team.

Your team is just as important as automating your Read More

Taking an attitude inventory to get your finances on track

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The last few weeks I’ve been talking with people are who unhappy and feeling stuck in their lives.  It’s time for them to take an attitude inventory.  I thought this would be a great time to revisit a post about this from earlier this year.

When was the last time you did an attitude inventory? You need to know where you are right now to get to where you want to go.  Taking stock of where your head is at is a necessity if you want to be on the path to financial fitness.

And your financial health depends on more than just your accumulation of wealth; your attitude about your finances and yourself need to be taken into account when considering your current state. So taking an attitude inventory is a good way to assess all of the above. Here are a few statements you can ask yourself to get the ball rolling. Read More

Three steps to financial healing

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When was the last time you focused on financial healing as a way to fix your money troubles? We’re always looking for an easy way out when we’re in too deep financially. But instead of a get-rich-quick scheme, I want to help you build long-term wealth slowly and deliberately. And to do that, we need to start your financial healing process.


Last week, you went over the first six months of your 2011. You saw where you were in your financial progress, and you determined what you had to do to either stay on track or get back on it. This week, we’re focusing solely on Read More

Taking inventory: your first six months of 2011

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We are officially in the second half of 2011. How have your New Year’s resolutions held up? July is a good time to gauge your progress on your goals. And it’s also an ideal time to take a financial inventory. How much has your savings grown this past six months? How much do you want it to grow in the next six?

This week, take a few moments to look back on the first half of your year. Think about where you stand now, and how you can improve for the remainder of 2011.

Your goal progress

I always encourage people to look deeper, and your financial progress through the first six months is a great opportunity to do so. If you are on pace Read More