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September 2010

Role Reversal-women as breadwinners

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Whether it is job loss or by choice, more and more men are becoming Stay –At-Home-Dads (SAHD’s).  the 2008 Census Bureau claims that approximately 165,000 families have a SAHD in the home.

 This subject is near and dear to me because after the birth of my son in 2009, my husband became a SAHD.  He left his career to pursue his new passion: our son.  I run a successful wealth management firm, and am the breadwinner in our family.  These are non-traditional roles but are becoming the “norm” in so many households these days. Both my husband and I come from modest working-class families so this way of life is almost unheard of.  Needless to say, we had some strange looks given to us when we shared our new plans for our family. 

According to recent AFL-CIO survey of working women, 62% report earning half or more of their family’s income and 77% of all mothers with school age children (6-17) work.

I share this anecdote with my clients every day and my hope is to inspire people to follow their dreams and passions even if it’s not the “norm”!