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July 2010

Financial Healing?

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We often hear about healing the mind, body, and spirit, but the word “money” doesn’t seem to ever get mentioned. I can’t overstate the importance of Financial Healing, it’s just as important.  I delve deeper into this subject in my book, The Emotion Behind Money but here are here are 3 steps to kick-off that process.

1. Examine your current cash flow and begin to make small changes in it, based on your personal goals.

2. Understand your patterns of financial behavior and their underlying causes.

3. Finally, have the courage to face the deep-rooted emotions behind those behaviors, and change your response to the discomfort they cause.

Work/Life: Balance or Harmony?

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Are you trying to achieve work/life balance or work/life harmony?  Have you ever heard the term “Balancing Act???”  If you can try and harmonize your life it will take the stress out of trying to balance everything at once. We can achieve the right relationship with our core when we allow the four areas of our lives to function in sync with who we really are.

When your Family Life is aligned with your true self you will not allow family members or responsibilities determine how you behave.
When your Work Life is in harmony with your true self, you will no longer let your career or job title define your purpose in life.
When your Personal Life is in harmony with your core, you will be able to experience the joy of doing what you really love.
Finally, when your Financial Life is guided by your true self and your life’s passions, you will no longer surrender your personal power to money.

Protect Your Assets-Position Yourself To Be Lucky

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If you are a business owner, like me, you want to make sure you are protecting the assets of your business.   Make sure you have a great team of advocates in place to coach you on how to protect your business and personal assets that you have worked hard for.  I call this strategy “Positioning Yourself to Be Lucky”.  An attorney that I admire Alexis Martin Neely contributed to an article for Women Entrepreneur that is helpful from perspective that you don’t always get.  She is an attorney, entrepreneur, and successful business owner. Here is a link to the article…http://www.womenentrepreneur.com/2010/07/keep-more-of-what-youve-earned.html

The Sandwich Generation Blog Series-Part 3

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This is the final installment of this blog series.  This is such an important subject because so many of us are dealing with these issues every day.  I hope this series has given you helpful tips and peace of mind.

Caregiver’s Personal Time – The key to maintaining a balanced lifestyle is managing family and work responsibilities while still allowing for personal time.  I suggest setting aside time during the week for caregivers to focus on their own needs, activities and personal relationships.

Work Together – To control anxiety, allow elderly parents and children to make age appropriate decisions.

Build a Support Network – Join a support group or ask friends and family for guidance to help release feelings of guilt, stress and frustration. Keep lines of communication open among family members, co-workers and friends.

You can also visit http://www.caregiver.com/regionalresources/index.htm to find local support resources in your area.