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June 2010

Go Ahead…Toot Your Own Horn!

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I read a great article http://tiny.cc/25i1a by Kelly Watson on Forbes.com on why you should “toot your own horn”   Don’t let the notion that you will be looked at as a martyr or a princess hold you back from telling the world about your accomplishments.  I like to call those nay-sayers “Crabs In A Bucket”.  You know who those people are, the ones that hold you down and try to get in the way of your success.  Get rid of those pesky crabs and go ahead and toot that horn!

Be proud to self-promote without shame, blame, or guilt, you’ve worked hard!

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

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As I am preparing for my guest co-host appearance on the Lara Galloway’s “WoMen Teleseries” tomorrow http://mombizcoach.com/community/women-series/ I am reflecting on the importance of supporting other women business owners.

Women, now more than ever, are owning their personal power over money, and following their passion.  It is such an honor to help inspire other women to follow their dreams and desires and create an abundant life that is all their own.

Shopping For A New Financial Advisor

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As a CFP® who specializes in client advocacy, I have found that there is sometimes a disconnect between my industry and clients needs. Many of my new clients come to me after becoming disenfranchised with another advisor. Here are some questions to ask if you are considering shopping for a new financial professional:

-Is your income fee-based or commission-based?

-What designations do you have? (I suggest looking for a Certified Financial Planner or CFP®)

-Are you tied to any sales goals with specific products?

-Are you working with any vendors who require you to sell a minimum number of their products or your contract with them will end soon? (Do you have any quotas to reach?)

-What are your limitations, if any, in selling specific product lines due to your current licensing? (Someone who is fully licensed has a Series 7 and Series 66 to be fee-based.)

-Do you charge an annual planning fee outside of compensation from products? If you don’t why not?

-If you’re talking to an independent planner: If something were to happen to you, who will take care of me?

-If you’re talking to someone associated with a firm: What happens if you leave the business, by choice, disability or death?  Who would then be managing my money?