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May 2009

Retirement Planning and Care Giving

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It’s all about balance of all the things that are important in your planning…you have to retire, but you also have to address the care giving. The key here is what to do with new found money as you grow through the years, get a tax refund, have 1/3 go to debt payoff, 1/3 to care giving, 1/3 go to retirement planning.

You also need to look at what your resources are…you don’t want to leave loved ones stranded, but if they have made financial decisions to not help themselves, you have to decide for yourself, how much of your future do you put on the line for others, not doing their part in their own lives. I have experience with this with my father having 2 massive strokes and 2 grandmothers who have and do need care giving currently.

The take away from this is to be your own advocate for your financial future. Enjoy your retirement years knowing that you have planned accordingly.

Planting The Seeds of Your Financial Success: Part 2

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Part of making sure that your Financial Garden is growing and thriving is to look at the 3 key parts: past, present, and future financial reality.

Brainstorm on moving in a directionally correct way.  What components of your past and present will lead to financial abundance in the future?  Look ahead at your financial future and what do you see?

In many of my past blog posts I talk about the power of setting your Financial Intentions.  This is key in moving toward a financial future that is bright and promising.  It’s kind of like planting your Financial Perennials every season!

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Planting The Seeds For Your Financial Success

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Memorial Day weekend always brings out the gardener in all of us.  Driving by a packed Home Depot parking lot this weekend it made me wonder if people are putting as much energy in planting and nurturing their “financial gardens”.

With the economy looking brighter, it is my hope that we all take a look at our financial buckets: Long Term, Midterm, and Short Term savings.  This is the perfect time to make sure that these buckets are positioned correctly and are aligned with what your dream, desires, and goals are.  Make sure to set Financial Intentions along with those goals.  You can set an intention like,” My long term bucket is in place to make sure I can retire at age 55″. Or, “I’ve got my short term bucket in place so my family and I can take that trip to Disney in a year”.

You don’t have to look at your buckets as another form of a “diet”. but more along the lines of cash flow management.

Plant your financial seeds and watch them grow!

Take Your Passion and Make It Happen

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I recently read the most exciting article that sites a statistic that the number of women-owned businesses increased 32% from 2002 to 2008 and continues to grow. That is amazing! I am a firm believer that if you follow your life’s purpose, no matter what that is, the money will follow! I am living proof of that and so are many of my clients and friends.

In my book, I write about “Crabs in a Bucket” and no, I’m not talking about a new special at your favorite seafood restaurant. If you have ever seen a crab in a bucket all by itself it can climb out of that bucket with no problem at all. Now, if you put 10 other crabs in that same bucket, you will find the other crabs trying to pull down the crab that wants to get out. My question for you is this. Who or what is your biggest Crab?

Sometimes, we are our own biggest crab and sometimes we let others pull us down. This is the first thing that popped in my mind after reading this article. How many of you out there are letting those pesky crabs get in the way of your dreams, desires and your true life’s purpose? When the little voices in your head are telling you that you can’t do something, what crab is that coming from? Your friends, family, spouse’s can only pull you down if you let them.

Budding Mompreneurs find what excites you and GO FOR IT! We have the power to change the world and the way others see us as mothers, business women, human beings. What a gift to give to our sons and daughters out there. They will grow up seeing that you can, in fact, have it all! “Dream Big or Go Home” is a common motto that I share with people and I practice this every day. Oh believe me, I have my own “Crabs in My Bucket” but I have learned to wish them well and move on to bigger and better things.