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Financial grace is all about creating space in your life to live in the present moment and plan for your desired future. Being happy with where you’re at and where you’re going by aligning your finances in accordance with your life goals.

This however, can be difficult when your cash flow and energy is spent on past choices, like credit card debt. Our lifestyles often pigeon-hole us into a position where we feel stuck.  We are surrounded with feelings of stress, regret and worry because of the heavy pressure to make up for our past financial choices.

Let’s choose to make it our mission to make decisions that empower us and help us to regain our personal power with money.  Financial grace can only be achieved when we create physical, mental, emotional, and financial space to allow the positives to flow gracefully to you.

Try this excersie:

Make Room for Financial Grace and Abundance Exercise

1. Take a moment to think about what you could remove from your current life to make room for your new life.
2. In writing, evaluate your current reality regarding your work, family, financial, and personal life. Do these areas of your life align with your “inner wealth” or “life’s purpose”?

3. Now, Picture what your ideal world would look like in each area of your life. Write down these dreams and desires from the heart without shame or guilt. It is not what you think others would want you to desire, it is what truly makes you feel happy in your heart space.

4. Looking at your ideal life, make a list of what you could to make room for those thinks to occur.

5. Ask yourself, “What doesn’t support my dreams?” It could be clearing out space such as clothes in your closet, unhealthy food in your fridge, a job you hate, personal prejudices or even friends that don’t support your dreams.

6. After you make that list, start small and pick one thing at a time and commit to clearing it out of your life.

 Soon you will find that the positive will begin to flow gracefully into your life and the light that surrounds your heart will burn brighter each day!

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